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How does DSL compare to a Dialup Connection?

Dialup connections operate at a maximum speed of 53 kbps under ideal conditions. The average dialup connection is about 40 kbps. With Infobahn Outfitters' DSL, your download speed will be much faster.  Depending on product and location, maximum download speeds range from up to 256 kbps to 7.0 mbps. Your maximum upload speed, depending on product and location, will range from up to 128 kbps to 768 kbps.  If you have a second phone line just for Internet service, you will no longer need it, because DSL can share the phone line with voice service. DSL may also be available if you only have a cell phone or if you have no phone at all.
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What equipment is required?

With Traditional DSL service through the phone line, a DSL modem is required.  Wired DSL Modem rental is $6.99 a month for the duration you have our service.  DSL modems are also available with wireless capability, for an additional fee.  Your computer must have a USB port or a network card (NIC). If you don't have a USB port or NIC, we can install a NIC for you for an additional fee.

With Wireless DSL service, a radio and antenna is required.  This equipment rental is free for the duration you have our service.  If you want to connect more than one computer, you may need a local area network (LAN).  We sell and install LANs. Contact us for details and pricing. 
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Does this service use a phone line?

With Traditional DSL service, Yes. However, you may not have to have voice phone service on that line. If you do have voice phone service, you will be able to receive and place phone calls through your phone line while your computer is connected to the Internet. The fees for DSL service are in addition to the fee for your regular, voice phone service. Note that some special business services (hunt groups, rollovers, PBX, etc) require special consideration prior to installation. 

With Wireless DSL, No. 
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Do I need two phone lines?

No. With Traditional DSL, your standard telephone line supplies both DSL and telephone service. Depending on your service location, a DSL circuit can be ordered for just DSL, if you don't have phone service. 
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What about security for always on systems?

We recommend that all users use reputable anti-virus software.Our mail servers do scan and block many viruses, but being doubly protected never hurts! We also highly recommend you install and use a firewall to protect you from unwanted Internet traffic. These security precautions are very important for business users.
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What speeds will I get?

Actual speeds may be less than the maximum rate and vary based on a number of factors, including the capability of your phone line, the performance of your computer, Internet congestion, and the speeds of web sites you access. This is a consumer-grade service and is not meant to replace high-capacity dedicated service. If you need high capacity service with committed information rates, please contact us to discuss your needs..
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Can I connect more than one computer?

Yes. Some Traditional DSL modems provide two - four USB or Ethernet ports, allowing simultaneous connection of several computers. Ask if you need details. 

With Wireless DSL service, if you want to connect more than one computer, you may need a local area network (LAN).  We sell and install LANs. Contact us for details and pricing. 
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Do I get my own IP address?

Dynamically assigned private IP addresses are included with residential packages. Static public IP addresses are included with business packages, and are available for an additional fee with residential packages.
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Can I keep my old email address?

If your previous address was from Infobahn Outfitters (e.g., you may continue to use it. If you are switching from another provider, check with your previous provider to determine your options and any fees.
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Is a long-term contract required?

No, month-to-month rates are available. To get the best rate on some packages, you will need to make a one year commitment. 
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Where will my bills come from?

In most cases, Infobahn Outfitters will bill you for the entire cost of the service. In some Traditional DSL locations,  Infobahn Outfitters will bill you for the Internet access service and the phone company will bill you for the special telephone access line. 
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Can a business purchase the residential package?

Absolutely. If the services included in the residential packages meet the needs of your business, you may purchase the residential package. We do offer packages especially for businesses.
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What are the system requirements?

Need help determining if your system meets the requirements? Contact our technical support staff at
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Windows System Requirements
  • Windows 98 and Newer
  • Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent
  • 64 MB RAM for Windows 98 or ME 128 MB RAM for Windows NT, 2000, XP
  • 100 MB free hard-drive space
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • USB port OR 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) or equivalent*
Macintosh System Requreiments
  • Macintosh OS 8.1 and Newer
  • PowerPC® processor with 120 MHz or higher speed
  • 64 MB RAM (with Virtual Memory turned on)
  • 20 MB free hard-drive space
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) or equivalent (Most newer Macs come with Ethernet built-in)
* USB ports and NICs are standard in many newer computers. If your computer does not have one, NICs for Windows can be purchased from Infobahn Outfitters.

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