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Do I have to change my email address?

No, you'll keep your current email address.
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Will I have a new password?

Infobahn is attempting to convert all currently used passwords to the new Google platform. There may be some passwords that don't convert correctly. We'll attempt to contact the account owners whose passwords have problems prior to the migration.
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How will I know when my account conversion is scheduled to take place?

The chart below indicates the dates of the migrations. Your domain name is the last part of your email address.

Domain Name Migration Schedule
  • March 9-14 - No changes to account settings
  • Email migration begins evening of March 13 & continues for several hours
  • Morning of March 14 - New platform available
  • March 16-21 - No changes to account settings
  • Email migration begins evening of March 20 & continues for several hours
  • Morning of March 21 - New platform available

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Will I still have access to webmail?

Yes. You will have a new Google webmail interface where you can send and receive messages. This interface is also where you would go to take advantage of all of the other great Google Tools (e.g. documents, spreadsheets, calendars, presentations, website development).
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Can I still use my email client (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.)?

Yes, but you will need to change some settings. Detailed instructions for changing settings will be posted in the Google Email Conversion section of Infobahn's website. While your email client will still work, we recommend using the Google webmail interface to have access to the full range of Google Tools.
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Do I have to change my email client settings immediately after the conversion?

No. Until April 30, you can get your email by going to your email client and logging in with either your old or your new settings. After April 30, you'll have to access your email using the new Google settings.
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Can I change my password after the conversion?

Yes, but if you are using an email client, you must make the client setting changes detailed in the Google Email Conversion section of Infobahn's website. If you don't make the changes to your email client, you will be unable to login with the new password.
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Will I lose any email I haven't downloaded to my computer before the conversion date?

No. All email on Infobahn's servers will be transferred over to the new platform.
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Will my allowed and blocked sender lists carry over?

Yes. Postini will be your new spam and virus filter. We are working on converting all allowed and blocked sender lists. Postini only allows 4,000 characters in their allowed and blocked senders' lists combined. If you have more than this currently, the part of your lists over the limit will not convert.
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I am currently forwarding my email to another address. Will the forwarding still work?

Required setting changes must be made. The forwarders need to be manually reconfigured in order to function again. Unfortunately, forwarders cannot be automatically set up on the Google Apps service because the process, for your privacy protection, requires that you verify the forwarding email address by responding to a Google confirmation message sent to the forwarder destination email address. Instructions for setting up your forwarder will be posted in the Google Email Conversion section of Infobahn's website. Your email forwarder will not work until you have completed this set up.
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Will the Google Apps files take up space on my computer?

No. That's one of the big advantages of using Google Apps for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars and websites. The Apps files and the files you create are all stored online. Since these services are cloud-based, you can access them from anywhere at any time and easily share files with friends and co-workers.
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Will Google use my Google Apps email account to gather information about me?

No. Google performs data mining on their free platform (Gmail), but not on the premium version of Google Apps which we're using. The only scanning done on your account is for spam and virus protection.
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