Greymail is an email protection service that provides each user with a Message Center where your spam and viruses are filtered and quarantined. Your legitimate email messages are delivered to your email inbox, just as they always have, but junk and virus-infected email is routed to your Message Center.

The Greymail Message Center will send an email once a day containing a list of any messages that has been quarantined the previous 24 hours. If an email has been quarantined by mistake, click on the "Deliver" link and the message will be forwarded onto your inbox. Postini will automatically delete quarantined emails after 30 days.

Is Greymail capturing too many of your legitimate emails? Greymail's filter settings can be customized to your preferences. Once you are logged into Greymail, you are able to view all of your quarantined messages from the past 30 days and change your filter settings. Filters can be adjusted to control how aggressively your email is quarantined for unwanted junk messages. You also can edit lists of approved and blocked senders and domains.

Greymail Filter FAQ

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